Downsizing is a decision that most people face throughout their lifetime, saying goodbye to your larger home where the upkeep can become costly in most cases can be a tough decision. May it be your kids moving away and there is no longer a need for those extra rooms or may it be a financial strategy for an early retirement, here are some tips to keep in mind throughout your transition.

Accept Change

It’s usually not your first choice to downsize but there are many positives that come along with the decision to do so. Maintenance is the biggest part of your home so think of the funds you will save to invest in another venture of your life, or take that dream vacation you have always wanted. Hosting your guess will become a more tolerable task as you will not have a huge space to clean on those busy days, you can personalize your space to accommodate your family and your guest much faster and with less ground work.

Keep, Sell or Donate

Memories live longer than people do, so throwing away personal items can sometimes be dreadful. This is your time to decide what’s necessary to the comfort of your life, or what needs to go especially items collecting dust in your storage closet. By doing this you will not only have the potential to gain additional funds by selling unwanted goods, you can also save tremendously on your moving cost and unpacking process. Garage sale? Donations? –decisions. decisions!

No need to break the Bank

Creativity will come in handy at this time. Having the opportunity to design your new space can be fun and exciting. As you move into a smaller space you may need purchase smaller furniture pieces to fit your new home comfortably. A portion of your garage sale funds can be used in this scenario, you are now an interior designer for the upcoming weeks, don’t be afraid to experiment with new shapes and colors for your new space. This will create an exciting feel throughout your home.

Develop New Habits

A smaller home doesn’t offer the vast storage options of a bigger home, which can be beneficial in most ways. Becoming organized will be a much easier task as you move along your daily routine. No longer will there be the moments of “where did I put this, or when did we get this”. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year. Keeping unnecessary items will only take away valuable storage space. The less junk you keep the more space you gain!