IT’S SPRING TIME! The birds are chirping, the leaves on the trees are reviving and you feel like you are coming out of hibernation from the harsh winter season. However, one question always comes up this time of year; Spring clean my home or go outside and enjoy this weather? Well, the good news is you will have time for both, so here are 4 easy tips to assist you moving forward:


The importance of doing this usually get brushed aside, by creating a schedule of which rooms within your home you are going to tackle first will make this task a lot less overwhelming. Start by tackling the simpler projects and work your way down your list for a more efficient process.


You know that feeling you get when you come home from a long day’s work and your environment is cluttered. Feels like you are about to head into overtime and all you want to do is relax with a good book or your favourite TV show. Well no more, by de-cluttering you will minimize your cleaning task in the future. Take some time to re-organize your closet, look through that filing cabinet for un necessary debris and/or get rid of that piece of furniture you always wanted to donate to someone in need. Studies have shown that a clean environment promotes a healthy mind!


It’s time to open up those windows and the let the fresh air in. After all the de-cluttering dust particles will be present. Take a second and wipe those windows down, open them and let the fresh air seep in. This creates a lighter feel within your home while bringing you closer to wonders of Mother Nature. It may also be a good time to check in and replace your HVAC filters to ensure a clean air-flow within your home.


Remember to separate your plastics vs garbage for correct disposal practices. You can find your needed garbage bags from your local dollar store or supermarket. We all play a part in keeping our surroundings a comfortable place for living. Contact your local waste management facilities ( for further information. In the event you have bigger furniture items for disposal consider ( to assist in your transportation to your local dump.