Packing your belongings can be tricky, and at times difficult simply because you look around and see everything you have, and you think “Wow, I have a lot of stuff”. But don’t worry! Here are some tips to help guide and ease your packing worries.

1. Purge before Packing

DE-clutter! Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months or more. Saying “goodbye” to these items will alleviate your packing woes and aid to an easier moving process. Remember you can always donate! Just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean someone else won’t have use for it in their home. Contact your local charities and donation facilities for guidelines.

2. Label Everything

It’s sometimes hard to remember the items you’ve put away and what box or luggage carrier holds it. Labeling your boxes before your move will help you identify where things are located and also help your mover place these items in their correct locations. It’s also important to label “Fragile” on your moving boxes for the things that can break easily i.e. fine china, dishes, vases. By doing this it will create a more organized environment for you on moving day.

3. Pack an Essential Bag

Make the first few days in your new home a little easier by packing a bag with these essentials: some bedding, a towel, a couple of day worth of clothing, toiletries, electronic chargers, medication. An overnight bag is a key piece in making your move less stressful as you will need time getting use to your new space and decor of your choosing.

4. One Room at a Time 

Start from the least used to the most used room in your home. You can start with your basement and work your way up. Remember your labeling tips, especially for your kids rooms. You want to know where toys, books and clothing are and what room it belongs too. To make it easier for you and an easier transition for them let them pack their toys and books. They can even label their own boxes with fun stickers and color art for easy identification!

*Remember packing its not a process that can be completed in one day, give yourself time to complete. Or give us a call at 416 875.1455 to inquire about our packing services and what we can do to assist you.